About Us

KMS was founded in 1999 originally in Sri Lanka with a broad vision of promoting UK universities and colleges among Sri Lankan students and helping them to achieve their educational ambitions. Over the years we have grown strength to strength and now we operate in Sri Lanka, India and in UK. In the past decade, we have aided over 900 students to gain admissions to our various partner universities in the United Kingdom. Here but a few of the fields of study that is available for students:

  • Business Management
  • Information Technology
  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Law/Legal
  • Arts & Design
  • Hospitality & tourism
Working with some of the top colleges and Universities in the UK, has given us the experience and confidence to help local students gain entry to British colleges.

About the CEO

Mr P .K Suhanthan started his career in education as an Instructor/Lecturer in 1994, over the last 15 years he has gained valuable experience in the field of education as a lecturer, trainer and education advisor. Having worked in International school and private business schools in Sri Lanka and nearly 10 years in UK with a UK Masters degree, He has the necessary expertise and knowledge to promote business schools in the international market arena and provide the necessary local market intelligence.

Our Offices

Colombo, Sri Lanka.

We have a fully fledged office in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka with the total number of staff amounting to 11. With the floor area of nearly 6500 we have all the latest technology in place to facilitate the smooth and efficient administration and enhance the learning process of our valued students.

Chennai, India

We have a modern well equipped office with 2 full time staff and part time teachers. Also we work in association with the preferred partner status with British High Commission.

Hyderabad, India

We have an associate office in Hyderabad, who is well placed in the local market.

London, UK

To facilitate the recruitment and to provide post arrival service to all the students and to help our UK institutions with the direct local contact we have opened our London office from March 2006. This placed our selves in a strategic position and it gives a leading market edge over the local players in the respective countries. We advertise in Asian TV and paper media and we attract students from UK and Europe as well. By advertising in UK and Europe gives us a competitive advantage and we reach over 1 million Sri Lankan expatriates who wish to educate their kith and kin in UK. We employ native British academics and consultants. There are number of native UK academic consultants working part time with KMS to promote our company and help with our recruitment campaign and provide valuable service to us and our students.

Our partner institutions in UK